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Yuhuan has a new way to sell water heating valves to central and African regions

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Note: In the afternoon of July 13, Yuhuan export online trade fair was officially opened.In the 5-day exhibition era, nearly 6
 In the afternoon of July 13, Yuhuan export online trade fair was officially opened.
In the 5-day exhibition era, nearly 60 exhibitors in Yuhuan will hold talks and transactions with 80 buyers from the Middle East and Africa through the "cloud field", so as to let more water heating valve products of Yuhuan enter the central and eastern Africa region and make Yuhuan production go global.
For a long time, the exchange between Yuhuan water heating valve industry and the Middle East and Africa is very cordial. The Middle East and Africa are also the key markets that Yuhuan water heating valve industry is deeply docking and vigorously opening up. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was still spreading around the world in 2020, but the situation was not optimistic. Many offline exhibitions were suspended. In this regard, Yuhuan city has built this export online trade fair with more than 1000 kinds of valves and sanitary ware products, which will transform the "face-to-face exchange" between exhibitors and buyers into "screen to screen exchange", breaking through the boundaries of time and space and making efforts to open up the international market.
Zhejiang surda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is one of the participating enterprises in the export online trade fair. The company has specially built a special video studio, selected more than 10 capable international traders as anchors, and selected more than 30 products for the main promotion in the network leader. It is expected to pursue more buyers and kill more intended orders.
Hou Chaoping, executive vice president of "surda" company: "in the first online Canton Fair held at the end of June this year, the company received a lot of overseas orders through the way of website negotiation, and the results were very good. This time, the city specially held the export online trade fair for the middle and East African regions, which is just in line with our company's idea of making market share in large and medium East Africa regions and further opening up the international middle end market. "
In response to the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade, Yuhuan city has taken various measures simultaneously, deeply assisted and expanded channels. Since this year, more than 400 foreign trade enterprises have been included in 12 cloud exhibitions. In particular, in the first online Canton Fair, 60 foreign trade enterprises in the city actively participated in the exhibition, with an intention to order 26.6216 million U.S. dollars, giving full play to the digital economy and characteristics of the family, and completing the accurate and useful transmission of the cloud exhibition.
Chen Yangyi, deputy section chief of the foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Department of Yuhuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce: "by holding export online trading behavior, we show the hard core power of Yuhuan water heating valve products, help foreign trade enterprises to connect and receive orders online, continue to cultivate new advantages of foreign trade in our city, help foreign trade enterprises' cloud end" to find business opportunities, and complete the steady development. "
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