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Kangtai home decoration hardware plumbing series: quality wins the market

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Note: With the improvement of living standards, people's standards for hardware plumbing products are also improved. When buyi
 With the improvement of living standards, people's standards for hardware plumbing products are also improved. When buying hardware plumbing, people no longer only pay attention to price, but not only pay attention to comfort and fashion, practicability and environmental protection, which are also assessment standards. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of consumers, enterprises can no longer follow the development mode of "winning with price", but should put product quality in the first place and make consumers feel at ease and comfortable, so that enterprises can win the favor of consumers in the fierce competition.
Well known brands in the hardware market
People's demand for products not only stimulates the development of hardware plumbing industry, but also leads some "hardware guerrillas" to enter the market. Their entry also has a certain impact on consumers in correctly selecting required products. However, in such a market circulation mechanism, well-known brands have more advantages in terms of preferential policies and quality assurance. Because the well-known brands seem to be the same as ordinary products, but they have more advantages in quality supervision system, product control, installation and warranty, and the well-known home decoration hardware plumbing products have a strict and healthy structure.
High standards and strict requirements build a good reputation
In view of many current hardware brands, the author learned from many times of understanding and interviewing users that Kangtai plastic is a leader in the ecological building materials industry. In terms of hardware plumbing products, it is deeply loved by consumers because of its high quality. In terms of products, they insist on all-round quality inspection and control from the entry of raw and auxiliary materials and spare parts to product delivery inspection and engineering installation acceptance. Adhere to the principle that unqualified raw materials do not enter the factory, eliminate the occurrence of unqualified products from the source, adhere to the principle that unqualified products do not leave the factory, and eliminate the occurrence of unqualified products from the production process, so as to ensure that all quality indexes of the delivered products meet or exceed the national standards, and 100% of the product quality is accepted. It is precisely because of the high standards and strict requirements for product quality that Kangtai plastic has established a good reputation in the industry and user groups, and has a wide popularity and reputation in the industry.
Focus on technology to create high-quality products
Kangtai has been cooperating with many authoritative experts for a long time to develop products with more environmental protection and better performance. In its production of many products, hardware plumbing is highly praised in terms of product performance. The product adopts the hanging plating process to eliminate the friction between products. The coating quality is good. The nickel coating is about 10-15 microns and the chromium coating is about 0.3 microns. Therefore, the product has outstanding anti rust performance and can maintain health and hygiene after long-term use. In addition, the angle valve, faucet, switch and other series products of Kangtai home decoration hardware also continue Kangtai's consistent Seiko quality. The angle valve and faucet use imported ceramic valve core, whose hardness is second only to diamond, which effectively eliminates the phenomenon of water leakage and water failure. Moreover, the service life of the hardware switch is up to 10 years and can withstand 500000 switching actions, which is very durable.
Kangtai home decoration hardware plumbing series
From Kangtai's attitude towards products, it is not difficult to see Kangtai's adherence to quality and technology. With "technology, value, quality and win-win" as the market competition concept, Kangtai group is good at summarizing and adhering to quality, and has been working hard to create products that satisfy consumers and provide a comfortable life. For ordinary consumers, in the face of a wide variety of hardware markets with different specifications, it is wise to choose enterprises with guaranteed product quality.
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