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Luo Zhigang, Managing Director of Wanhai Valve Core Market: Hardware Fittings Enterprise Transition

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Note: China's three major hydrothermal hardware production areas, the first of which belongs to Fujian Nan'an. In recent years
 China's three major hydrothermal hardware production areas, the first of which belongs to Fujian Nan'an. In recent years, the development of Nan'an plumbing hardware has been booming. Driven by the four big families (Jiumu, Zhongyu, Huanhuang, Shenluda), the development of Nan'an plumbing hardware is undergoing a transformation and transformation. Just like the rise of Shishi shoes and clothes brand in Jinjiang ten years ago, whether large enterprises or second or third-tier brands, Nan'an's water heating hardware enterprises are stepping up to brand.
"Supply, production and marketing" as the most basic guarantee for the survival and development of enterprises, is the "internal work" that every plumbing and sanitary bathroom enterprise must practice well. Production and marketing, as the key link of product shaping and market orientation, has always been the focus of enterprises and media, while supply seems to be a relatively private part of enterprises, and there are few reports in the media. The supply chain is smooth, the development of enterprises is backed up, the quality of suppliers is guaranteed, and the brand strategy of sanitary ware enterprises can be put on the agenda.
As an important base of hardware plumbing valves in China, the faucet is the most basic component. The quality of the faucet has a direct impact on the development of Nan'an enterprises and brand building. Therefore, as the "heart" of the faucet, the valve core is particularly important, and it also tests the valve core supplier of Nan'an plumbing and sanitary ware enterprise. For this reason, our reporter interviewed Luo Zhigang, Wanhai Valve Core Market Manager, who claims that the supply of valve cores accounts for more than 80% of the second-line brand of Nan'an.
[Reporter] In the first two or three years, in the list of purchasers of Nan'an hardware plumbing and bathroom enterprises, Wanhai valve core is not known to many people. What is the status of Wanhai valve core in Nan'an valve core supplier at present? What is the brand positioning of Wanhai valve core itself?
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Luo Zhigang, Marketing Manager of Wanhai Valve Core
[Luo Zhigang] Wanhai Valve Core is a brand with a monthly production capacity of 2.5 million sets of ceramic valve cores. Its products are exported to the United States, South America, Italy, Portugal, Spain and other European Union countries, as well as South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The company has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification, and has now obtained American NSF, British WRAS, Australian WaterMark, French ACS, German KT. W, EU EN-817 and other foreign certificates.
At present, Wanhai Valve Core has landed in Nan'an, Fujian, Wenzhou, Yuhuan, Kaiping Shuikou, Guangdong and other major production areas, and has established a good reputation. Especially in Nan'an plumbing and sanitary enterprises, more than 80% of the second-line and above brands choose Wanhai Valve Core. At present, the average number of valve cores issued from Nan'an every month is between 600,000 and 700,000, of which Zhongyu and Huanhuang account for half.
[Reporter] Why can Wanhai gain its present position in Nan'an market in such a short period of time?
[Luo Zhigang] Wanhai can take root in Nan'an mainly because of several factors. In addition to Wanhai's quality, a large number of enterprises in Nan'an take the road of branding is also an important one.
As we all know, Nan'an Hydraulic Hardware is in the position of the whole Chinese sanitary ware market in recent years. Nan'an brand is gradually maturing and becoming more and more obvious. Many past miscellaneous brand enterprises are gradually transforming into brands, which will inevitably lead to their increasing demand for the supply market, which also drives the Hydraulic Sanitary Ware Enterprises to put forward higher requirements for suppliers. For plumbing bathroom enterprises, its suppliers are not often changed, quality stability is the first requirement for the brand to find suppliers, and plumbing bathroom enterprises to do brand, the choice of brand suppliers is a trend.
Wanhai has seen the great potential of Nan'an. With excellent quality, it has entered Nan'an market very well. In the past few months, the supply of Wanhai valve core has reached the situation of shortage of supply and demand. The head office is stepping up to help Nan'an market.
[Reporter] What do you think of the development of water heating and sanitary ware in Nan'an in recent years?
[Luo Zhigang] In view of the main water heating and sanitary production areas served by Wanhai, Wenzhou, Yuhuan hardware production areas, Kaiping Shuikou production areas and Nan'an water heating and sanitary production areas have developed rapidly in recent years. Wenzhou and Yuhuan production areas mainly export, Kaiping Shuikou hardware bathroom is in the catching-up stage, while Nanan bathroom enterprises are facing brand transformation and change, with unprecedented strength and scale.
From a specific point of view, Nan'an has incomparable advantages in policy, industrial scale, marketing channels, scientific research and brand promotion in other production areas. The government has made great efforts to support the hardware plumbing industry for a long time, especially in land security and enterprise services; in production, enterprises have large-scale production, high industrial clusters, and there are more than 600 plumbing and sanitary valve enterprises in Lunchang and Yingdu towns; in research and development, enterprises have a large number of R&D teams, and many national laboratories and national-level laboratories. In terms of sales, Nan'an has a sales force of nearly 300,000 people all over the country, controlling 80% of the national sales terminals.
It is worth mentioning that in the brand promotion of Nan'an enterprises, star endorsement and bathroom enterprises are the most eye-catching. Under the leadership and promotion of the four brands of Nan'an (Jiumu, Zhongyu, Huihuang, Shenluda), small and medium-sized bathrooms in Nan'an
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