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Hardware Plumbing City [news] the branch venue of Alibaba 1688 Business Festival landed in China Plu

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Note: Every merchant participating in the exhibition joined Alibaba's live video broadcast.On the 15th and 16th, the branch ve
 Every merchant participating in the exhibition joined Alibaba's live video broadcast.
On the 15th and 16th, the branch venue of China Plumbing City of 1688 business day was held in Luncang.
It is reported that 1688 businessmen's Day is a festival launched by 1688, a domestic trade platform of Alibaba group, to serve small and medium-sized enterprises across the country. It is held one week after the end of the double 12 every year. This year's business day, 32 well-known offline wholesale markets across the country joined the online and offline procurement carnival. China Plumbing City is the only one in Nan'an.
The atmosphere on the business day was strong, attracting thousands of citizens and buyers to participate
Booth layout and product promotion... On the same day, more than 30 companies in the bathroom, hardware and kitchen and bathroom industries, such as Quanzhou yayier Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Quanzhou dinggua Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. and Nan'an gewang kitchen and bathroom factory, participated in the event, displaying 678 products such as faucets, showers and water tanks, attracting thousands of citizens and buyers. There are more than 30 booths on site, including live broadcast hall, micro supply hall, Taoyuan hall, celebrity hall, etc.
"This time, we have brought dozens of products. This is our first time to participate in the Business Festival. We hope to increase the exposure and popularity through online and offline ways and further expand customers." The person in charge of an exhibitor told reporters.
During the event, live webcast, public auction, e-commerce "free clinic" and other activities were also integrated. "Two live webcasts of offline exhibitions were held simultaneously through the 1688 platform, with 2458 potential online buyers watching at the peak. Six enterprises participated in the public welfare auction, and all the auction proceeds were donated on site through Alipay 'love donation'. We also provided one-to-one store operation diagnosis for 32 Alibaba integrity store owners, and signed the 'shell breaking plan' agreement to help e-commerce vulnerable merchants improve their operation capabilities." The relevant person in charge of the event organizer should be introduced by Mao Li.
online and offline dual track behavior brings new ways to play in the offline professional market
"More than half a month ago, Alibaba 1688 announced the launch of the first festival for small and medium-sized enterprises - merchant's day, saying that it would upgrade the platform from a trading platform to a marketing platform within three years." Ying Maoli said that the merchant's day will bring the promotion activities that originally existed only on the Internet to the offline professional market, which will not only bring new ways to play for the offline professional market, but also provide more network characteristic marketing methods for local wholesalers and purchasers.
"In China's water heating City, more than 700 businesses have their own stores in 1688. These businesses are equivalent to walking on 'two legs', one in the professional market of water heating city and the other on the 1688 platform." According to Mao Li, by integrating online traffic resources, the business festival attracts more online buyers to pay attention to the good goods from the source of Nan'an origin.
Ying Maoli said that through new ways such as online power generation and seller live broadcasting, buyers bid farewell to the previous mode of selecting in person in the professional market. Buyers' choices are more diverse, and sellers also win more opportunities through the online platform.
"The merchant's day enables the first-class wholesale leading markets of national origin to unite through the Internet, making the business of small and medium-sized enterprises more possible." Should be introduced by Mao Li.
Businesses become "shopkeepers" and physical enterprises bring new opportunities for transformation
What changes have taken place in the traditional wholesale market after small and medium-sized enterprises touch the Internet? The reporter learned from the interview that with the empowerment of data and traffic, many businesses began to turn into "shop waiter" of online stores with the help of the Internet and big data and transform into "online + offline" full link service providers.
Zhang Zi, general manager of Quanzhou yayier Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., said that she has been doing business in Plumbing City for more than ten years. She has joined the 1688 platform since 2013 and has her own online store. "I obviously feel that after the combination of offline and online, there are more customers. At present, 80% of our customers come from Alibaba. We not only have stable customers offline, but also obtain long-term customer traffic online, with orders of about several million yuan per month."
"The Internet is a big cake. It depends on how we do it. This year, I began to 'test the water' Alibaba. We have our own online store. We have accumulated our own customers, and even some customers have transferred from online to offline. At present, the effect is good." Huang Jiaoxia, manager of Quanzhou Dahan Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., said that she has nine years of offline sales experience. Now she is more optimistic about the "multi legged" way of walking.
"The cooperation between 1688 and Plumbing City can be said to be the hand of giants and giants. Today's event provides good docking opportunities for our businesses, improves our e-commerce awareness and creates good learning opportunities." Huang Jiaoxia told reporters that the company will focus on online operation to fill the "blank" of the company's online sales.
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