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"China's hardware capital" moves forward to "the world's hardware capital&q

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Note:   Hardware harmony resonates with the world.The first world hardware development conference was held in Yongkang,Zheji
   Hardware harmony resonates with the world.The first world hardware development conference was held in Yongkang,Zhejiang,the"capital of hardware in China".More than 10 international industry organizations such as the International Hardware Federation and the Asia Pacific door and window hardware association allied Yongkang,and more than 350 global hardware industry elites attended the meeting.
  From the production of"hardware"such as thermos cups,scooters and mops to the formation of"modern hardware"industrial clusters focusing on eight industries such as automobile industry,door industry,cup industry,electric tools,electrical kitchenware,equipment manufacturing and new materials,Yongkang hardware manufacturing sells well in 194 countries and regions around the world.From January to September this year,Yongkang achieved a foreign trade export volume of 33.75 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 16.4%.Yongkang hardware and global hardware have increasingly become a community of destiny of"you have me,I have you".
  Zhang Xusheng,Secretary of Yongkang municipal Party committee,said that from"traveling in all directions"to"doing business all over the world",and from"the road of Mantang"to"famous hardware city",Yongkang,which is determined to develop,has become the hardware industry base with the largest scale and the strongest market influence in China.The concentration of modern hardware industry ranks first in the country.At present,it is moving forward bravely towards the goal of"hardware capital of the world".
  "Yongkang has registered more than 130000 market entities of all kinds,including 40000 enterprises,and has been ranked as the national advanced city in scientific and technological progress for seven consecutive times.The output and export volume of anti-theft doors and electric tools account for more than 1/2 of the country,the output of thermos cups(pots)accounts for more than 55%of the country,and the export volume of stainless steel thermos cups,garden tools and electric tools ranks first in the world,"Zhang Xusheng said,At present,Yongkang hardware industry is accelerating the digital transformation and boosting the industry to take off again.
  Recently,the reporter walked into the metalworking workshop of Zhejiang Ansheng Technology Co.,Ltd.and saw that more than 10 advanced robots were lined up,the manipulator kept a smooth and stable beat,continuously expanded and retracted,and each processing link was compact and orderly.All equipment operation points,faults,output,energy consumption and qualification rate of the production line can be uploaded and monitored in real time through the cloud platform,and the factory production status can be viewed in real time on the mobile phone.The NC rate is up to 90%,which effectively meets the needs of enterprises for rapid production change,rapid mold change and flexible production.
  "Through digital and intelligent transformation,Anson technology has reduced employment by more than 40 people,increased production capacity by 69%,reduced energy consumption by 12%,further reduced costs and significantly improved the strength of the enterprise,"said LV Zhengjian,chairman of Zhejiang Anson Technology Co.,Ltd.
  It is understood that in order to improve the competitiveness of the"hardware"industry and brand competitiveness,"Yongkang hardware"regional public brand appeared at the first China Central and Eastern European countries Expo in 2019 for the first time.At the second China Central and Eastern European countries Expo held in June this year,the"Yongkang hardware"regional public brand museum displayed more than 300 exhibits from 45 enterprises of Yongkang,ranging from doors and windows,As small as water cup and garlic press,they jointly form the overall image of"Yongkang hardware quality home".The holding of the world hardware development conference will further promote the international popularity of the regional public brand of"Yongkang hardware".
  "To realize the leap from'China's hardware capital'to'the world's hardware capital',Yongkang will also focus on cultivating a number of high-quality enterprises with high market competitiveness,high growth,strong industrial supporting capacity and key core technologies,and help the'hardware'industrial cluster change from'overwhelming'to'meticulous and refined'."Zhang Xusheng said.
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