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Choosing cabinets, understanding all aspects of receipt and hardware is the key

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Note: The cabinet is a stage for the kitchen to show itself.Love the home, love the kitchen, of course, to the kitchen to wear
 The cabinet is a stage for the kitchen to show itself.
Love the home, love the kitchen, of course, to the kitchen to wear a beautiful coat, then, the emergence of cabinets is catering to this need. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the cabinet, which is due to the improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic awareness, the room has become larger, and the kitchen space has also given people the stage to imagine and display. The kitchen cabinets are also beginning to compete for beauty. Various kinds of products are competing with each other, which has made the whole market very popular.
The author visited the cabinet Market in Shencheng, and found that people put more and more delicate thoughts into the cabinet, and more and more in-depth. As Mr. Wang, a senior cabinet designer, said to me, today's cabinets have already replaced the traditional function of holding dishes in the kitchen. More importantly, they are designed according to the overall environment of the living room, so that each group of cabinets is unique, so that the cabinets can truly become home decorations in the kitchen. Mr. Wang also said that consumers are becoming more and more professional in choosing, requiring not only functionality and practicality, but also decoration. The cabinet market is becoming more and more standardized and professional.
Do a good job of acceptance and make the kitchen neat and uniform
For cabinet design, it can be said that people see wisdom. Consumer Miss Song told me that when you see the water, electricity and gas pipelines in the kitchen, you will feel awkward, so when designing cabinets, the first priority is to wrap up these pipelines. In this regard, Kangjie integrated product sales officer said that it is best to contact the cabinet customization at the beginning of decoration, so as to do a better design according to the trend of various routes in the room, including how to deal with the hidden works such as flue, water pipe and circuit. In addition, the design of the cabinet should also be participated by the hostess herself, because the utilization rate of the cabinet is the highest, and everyone's habits are different, so when designing the cabinet, the height of the stove, the setting of the position of the basket, and even the placement of the necessities of life such as rice, noodles and oil are worth discussing. When the decoration is fixed, it will be more handy to use in the future.
Personalized Hardware Makes Cabinet Bright
Ms. Teng, who is going to get married, especially likes to pull the basket together. She thinks that besides filling things, the most prominent function of the cabinet is to place all kinds of food. In the deep of the former cabinet, especially the corner position, it was very hard to put things in and then take them out. With pulling the basket together, the problem was solved. once the cabinet door is opened, the things placed in it are also pulled to the front, which is convenient and practical.
When choosing and buying cabinets, we should have a comprehensive concept, not only that the Board meets the standard. Of course, the board of cabinet body should have high environmental protection coefficient. In addition, meticulous workmanship is also very important. The cabinet is used more frequently. If the workmanship is rough, cracks and burrs occur, it will cause harm to the body. In addition, the kitchen is also "rich in garbage" while making delicious food. These problems should also be considered beforehand, to break the dead corner of the cabinet breeding bacteria, so that the environmental protection factor of life is higher.
Display of cabinet door panel
Aijiaban Aijiaban is a choice of good quality and low price. Its surface has been specially treated. It has excellent heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, super-strong texture and good scratch resistance. It can be said to be a model of practical representative.
Recommended crowd life is just beginning, young couples in the career struggle period, do not spend too much attention to manage, good durability.
Recommended index
The surface of UV lacquer board is like a mirror. It has high gloss and saturation, stable color and small color difference. The overall feeling is as smooth as running clouds and running water. If you have taste, you will like it.
People who recommend people to consider cabinets as furniture members.
Recommended index
The surface of the suction board is vacuum suction moulded, or a seamless PVC film moulding process is adopted. Rich in shape, beautiful, good visual effect.
The most important feature of plastic-absorbing board is that it can be modeled. The price is much lower than that of real wood board, and it has a certain selling point.
Recommended index
Solid wood boards are noble and stable products in cabinets. They are suitable for making classical and European-style feel and have a higher grade. Imagine, if the European style of decoration into a set of European solid wood cabinets, but also with furniture natural.
Recommend high-grade and tasteful people. Solid wood cabinet is the highest relative price, but also the most gorgeous and beautiful. Suitable for European-style houses and villas. Successful people and second-time home buyers are recommended to try.
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