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t's hard to have a shower with the water temperature going up and down. All copper constant tem

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Note: Flower sprinkling is one of the most important sanitary products in our daily life. There are two kinds of flower sprink
 Flower sprinkling is one of the most important sanitary products in our daily life. There are two kinds of flower sprinkling: constant temperature flower sprinkling and ordinary flower wine. Many friends should be as confused as I am about their differences. In particular, the home is equipped with thermostatic water heaters, is it necessary to install thermostatic showers?
The price of ordinary shower is cheap and the quality is good, but the water temperature is not fixed, especially when the water pressure of tap water becomes small during the peak period of water use, the water temperature will become very high and the comfort of shower will not be very good. Constant temperature shower can control the temperature of the water when bathing, and maintain a stable water temperature state. There is no phenomenon of hot and cold while bathing.
Constant temperature shower should take into account the role of constant temperature, will give priority to the selection of copper material to make, especially the tap will be made of all copper. The copper shower is not easy to rust, and the surface of the shower is electroplated, which can be as clean as new after a long time of use.
The thermostatic shower has designed the function of automatically adjusting the proportion of cold and hot water at the valve core, and the temperature is designed before use without adjusting. Some high-grade shower products will also be treated by multi-layer crystal diamond electroplating lead purification process at the faucet, so as to filter the water quality in multiple layers, better care for human skin, so as to avoid the phenomenon of jamming due to the problems of too hard water quality and scale, and reduce the maintenance rate in the future.
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