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Customized cabinets, pay attention to these seven hardware accessories

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Note: Kitchen decoration, cabinet is the most important. When customizing cabinets, in addition to paying attention to the mat
 Kitchen decoration, cabinet is the most important. When customizing cabinets, in addition to paying attention to the material of door panels and countertops, more attention should be paid to hardware accessories. No matter how good the door panels are, they will be in vain if they are not supported by good accessories. Our kitchen decoration, custom cabinet did not pay attention to these hardware accessories, half a year into the house found that the cabinet door can not be closed, tilted a piece, drawers can not be pulled out. Let's talk about these hardware accessories today. Did your family pay attention to them?
1. Cabinet hinge
Hinges, also known as hinges, serve to connect door panels. Cabinet use is frequent, door panels will open and close many times, if the hinge quality is not good, it will be like my home, half a year into the cabinet door will not close, or even may not be able to bear the weight of the door panels, door panels fall directly. Kitchen humidity, poor quality hinge, easy to rust.
Good hinges, obvious brand logo, thick material, smooth surface, thick coating. When customizing cabinets, consult several businessmen to understand the hinge brand of the local market, or you can designate your own brand.
Another kind of hinge is the damp hinge, which can alleviate the impact of the door panels and slow down the closing speed of the door panels, so as not to close the door with a click. This kind of hinge is more expensive. When customizing cabinets, it is not necessary to use damper hinges for all hinges. It can be a door panel, a common hinge, a damper hinge, silent closing, and save money.
2. Drawer slides
A few drawers will be installed in the cabinets to facilitate the collection of small things and the use of them. Slide track must be used to fit drawers. According to the way, it can be divided into side sliding track and undercarriage sliding track. The side slide rail can be divided into two sections and three sections. Two side slides are composed of movable rail and fixed rail. Three side slides are composed of movable rail, medium rail and fixed rail. Three sections are one more than two sections. The two-section side slide rail can only pull out about 3/4 of the drawer, while the three-section side slide rail can pull out the whole drawer, which is more convenient than the two-section slide rail in use. However, the load-bearing capacity of the three sections of the side slide rail is poor.
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