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What are the better brands of hardware accessories? Brand introduction of hardware fittings

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Note: 1. Heidi's PoemsHettich was founded in 1888 in Black Forest, Germany, by Carl Heittich, a small company that originally
 1. Heidi's Poems
Hettich was founded in 1888 in Black Forest, Germany, by Carl Heittich, a small company that originally manufactured cuckoo clock parts. In 1930, the family's successor set up a new company in eastern Westphalia, the centre of the German furniture and kitchen cabinet industry. Since 1966, the company's headquarters has been relocated to Kirchlengern. To this day, Heidi Poetry is still a family business.
2. Haifule
Haifule's main products are divided into three categories: furniture hardware, building hardware and electronic access control system, which can provide feasible solutions. To provide practical solutions for furniture manufacturers, including materials, structural decomposition and processing technology, from various joint modes to the selection of fittings in furniture cabinets; building hardware based on door locks and their accessories derives a complete set of products, which can cover all the requirements of hardware materials for indoor fine decoration; in 1997, Sphinx Company was acquired and non-contact type products were introduced. The electronic door lock and access control management system based on frequency reading card technology is a perfect combination of traditional mechanical technology and modern electronic technology.
3. Strong
China's well-known trademark, building hardware brand, state-level high-tech enterprises, Guangdong private science and technology enterprises, Dongguan Jianlang Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
4. Huitailong
The development of Huitailong Hardware Sanitary Ware products has brought high quality and high-grade enjoyment to the decoration market. The product combination and collocation make the functions meet the requirements of users in an all-round way. Huitailong closely adheres to the trend of the times, puts forward the updated product concept, fully matches the function and aesthetic feeling of space decoration, and adds a higher level of taste to modern people's decorative life. We pursue the perfect quality of products, we also pay attention to the "satisfaction level" of service level, and do a good job of pre-sale, in-sales and after-sales service. With the continuous growth and improvement of various types of sales terminals, we have invested tremendous resources, created a comfortable shopping environment, established a "caring" service system, and strived for "more satisfaction" of every customer.
5. National Strength
China well-known trademark, Shandong well-known trademark, hardware industry well-known brand, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Guoqiang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.
6. Supporting
In December 2002, Zhongshan Dinggu metal Products Co., Ltd. was formally established. In May 2011, it was renamed Guangdong Dinggu Jichuang Home Co., Ltd. Now, Tinggu has four major production and manufacturing bases in Zhongshan, Chengdu, Kunshan and Dongyan suburbs of Beijing. It is equipped with internationally leading German plate furniture production line, imported eco-door production line, precision hydraulic door control production line, complete sets of hardware locks, precision die numerical control production line, etc. After nearly ten years of development, Tinggu has launched hardware, sliding doors, ecological doors, wardrobes and other products. Tinggu marketing network has now covered 34 provinces and municipalities (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan), and sold to many countries and regions in the world, with a breakthrough of 564 standardized terminals. Firm development and growth has also been supported and recognized by governments at all levels and authoritative bodies. Has won the "Guangdong Province High-tech Enterprises", "Guangdong Province Private Science and Technology Enterprises", "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark", "Guangdong Province Famous Brand Products", "China Famous Trademark"... Step by step, it continues the glorious course of solid development.
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