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Change this shower, happiness index increased 100 times!

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Note: The bathroom is a very relaxed place in addition to the bedroom. Every pore has faded away from the dirt and tiredness w
 The bathroom is a very relaxed place in addition to the bedroom. Every pore has faded away from the dirt and tiredness when the warm and living water brushes over the skin.
However, not everyone has a perfect bath experience. A few small details will greatly hinder the feeling of satisfaction when taking a bath, such as blocked shower, low water pressure, etc.
Living on a high floor,
The water pressure is small, and the outlet water is uneven,
It's very unpleasant to take a bath,
Will greatly affect the mood of bathing.
The flower sprinklers have been used for a long time,
It is easy to be blocked by scale,
It's very unpleasant to have a bath,
From time to time, the scale should be treated with a needle or white vinegar,
It's very difficult.
Babies and small animals are naughty and active,
It's even more restless when you take a bath,
Parents are confused,
In one hand, I hold a shower, and in the other hand, I support naughty ghosts,
We need to spare a hand to switch the shower,
Every child takes a bath,
I was drenched in water
If you and your family have these problems,
Spicy? You should consider changing to one that can improve your satisfaction
Jiumu silica gel water stop pressurization shower
One button water stop, one hand switch is smooth and natural
According to ergonomics, the flower spray tissue is optimized,
When holding the flower sprinklers, the thumb fits on the button,
Press one button to stop water easily,
When washing your hair and bathing your child's pet
Hands can not free the trouble.
Three gear pressurized water outlet, comfortable pressure dripping experience
Third gear paddle switch pressurization water outlet,
Third stage pressurized effluent of humanization plan:
Gently touching the skin, vigorous pressing, strong massage,
From weak to strong, the three gears are liberated and switched,
Bring a multi-level comfortable shower experience.
0.4mm fine small aperture, comfortable and soft pressurized water outlet
4 mm fine aperture,
When I take a shower, I'm troubled by the water flow,
When the water pressure is low, the water flow is stable and pressurized,
When the water pressure is high, the flow is soft and strong,
Make the shower more enjoyable.
Silica gel is easy to clean, subverting the ancient clean experience
Jiumu independent R & D patent Yijie water nozzle,
Innovative thin silicone wall thickness program,
Let the volume of the effluent increase,
The scale is only retained at the outlet nozzle.
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