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10 minutes of reading the selection of shower, mastering these four aspects, and washing away the fa

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Note: Hello, I'm Chen Xingzhi, a designer from Zibo. Welcome to pay attention to me and learn more about home furnishingSummer
 Hello, I'm Chen Xingzhi, a designer from Zibo. Welcome to pay attention to me and learn more about home furnishing
Summer is coming, plus the hard work of a day, I believe that the first thing 80% of people get home is to relieve their fatigue through a hot bath. In fact, the comfort of bathing is determined by the shower. We often lose our way before choosing the shower in the early stage, which leads to the failure to choose the desired shower. As the main role of the shower, the shower plays an important role in the decoration project of the toilet Therefore, the early selection is particularly important for the shower, so how do we choose the shower? Today, designers mainly describe the types of the common shower, what should we pay attention to when choosing the shower, how to install the shower, how to clean the shower in detail. If you are going to choose the shower in the near future, you can read this before choosing the shower Article, if this article is helpful to you, it is suggested to collect and forward it.
1、 Types of common showers
1. In terms of form:
From the form, it can be divided into three types: hand-held, overhead, side spray, etc.
Hand held shower
The hand-held shower is relatively flexible and can wash the shower in the hand, provided that the shower has a fixed bracket.
Head shower
The overhead shower is relatively fixed. This kind of shower can rise and fall up and down. Of course, it should be adjusted according to people's height.
Side spray
Side spray shower is to wash people through the side, which has the function of cleaning and massage. It is relatively comfortable to use.
2. From the way of water outlet, it can be divided into three parts
From the way of water out, it can be divided into five ways: general, massage, soft, turbine and strong beam.
General formula
The general water outlet mode is more suitable for simple and quick shower. Different water outlet angles are used to create a wide range of deluge effects and achieve multiple water outlets.
When the inside of the shower reaches a certain water flow, it is sprayed out in a centralized way, which has a comfortable feeling of massage and refreshing effect.
The water in the shower is sprayed out from a height of 1.8m, and is sprayed by the combination of air on the way. If you want to wash your hair in the morning, you can use this soft way to clean it.
Whirlpool shower can easily form a water column for cleaning, but don't use a lot of force in the early stage, so as to avoid the water column too strong will threaten the human body.
Strong beam
At present, there are not many showers in this way, which are usually encountered from the bath center. When the water flows out of the shower, the water strength is relatively large. This way can make people increase the number of baths.
3. From the installation height:
From the installation height, it can be divided into two types: concealed sprinkler and open mounted lifting rod sprinkler.
Concealed sprinkler: the distance between the center of the embedded water outlet on the wall and the ground shall be 2.1m, and the distance between the center of the shower switch and the ground shall be 1.1m.
Surface mounted lifting rod shower:
In order to sprinkle the water as the boundary, the designer suggests a distance of 2 meters.
2、 What should I pay more attention to when buying a shower?
① Look at the weight
If a family considers holding a shower, it is recommended to consider the weight of the shower before purchase, because the weight of the shower itself + the weight of the water determines the weight of the shower itself.
② Look at the shape
The shape mainly depends on the material and electroplating of the shower, and the comfort on hand is also important, because the decisive factor is the shape and size, so it is also worth considering when purchasing.
③ Look at the water model
The designer suggests that there should not be too many water outlet modes when choosing a shower in the early stage. Generally, 2 to 3 water outlet modes can fully meet the needs of the whole family.
④ See the diameter of water diffusion surface
The outlet water diffusion surface of the sprinkler is determined by the switch of the sprinkler. If the switch is large, the outlet water diffusion surface will be large; if the switch is small, the outlet water diffusion surface will be narrow.
⑤ See if there is air injection
It is beneficial and harmless for human body to inject air into the flower sprinkling. When the water drops of the flower sprinkling injected with air hit the human body, the comfort is better. Generally, the flower sprinkling with high price will be marked with the function of air injection.
⑥ Look at the supercharging function
When buying the shower in the early stage, the function of the booster shower is mainly tested by simple methods. Take the shower upside down. We can judge the booster effect of the shower by the spray height.
⑦ Look at the price
There are a variety of styles and brands on the market. When we choose the shower in the early stage, the designer suggests to choose the one with high cost performance, which on the one hand extends the service life, on the other hand, it is more affordable in terms of cost.
⑧ Look at the convenience of cleaning
If the quality of the shower is better, it has the function of cleaning itself. If the local water quality is easy to rust, and the material of the shower head is mainly silica gel, we can rub our hands regularly, which is also convenient for cleaning.
⑨ Water saving effect
Generally, the spray heads used in the shower are relatively large. When we purchase them in the early stage, we need to see whether they are in place in terms of water-saving degree and whether they have water-saving conditions. Therefore, we have a clear direction when we purchase them in the early stage.
3、 How to install the shower?
What are the tools for installation and preparation of shower?
Drill, screwdriver, ruler, wrench
Construction steps of sprinkler installation:
1. After delivery, we unpack and pack them. According to the installation instructions, we will prepare the parts of the shower for later fixing.
2. After finding that the shower is installed in a proper position, our installation technician starts to fix the screws and open them
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