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National building hardware plumbing GuXiuZhi, director of the center for quality supervision, inspec

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Note: On May 28, national hardware plumbing equipment quality inspection JianGu show director of tzu chi in a line in the grou
On May 28, national hardware plumbing equipment quality inspection JianGu show director of tzu chi in a line in the group of rose Windows one reason Hu Yibiao, vice one Tan Guozhi, accompanied by the engineering manager Dong Xuefeng sightseeing examination to group up doors and Windows, valley, director of the line of the first tour group litre sample exhibition hall doors, Windows, comprehensive about the group of litres of anti-theft security door, fire door, wooden door, steel wood door and other various products.
Group of litres of door window is one of the principle Hu Yibiao (left), national equipment hardware plumbing inspection center director GuXiuZhi (right).
1. The deep, highly evaluated
Guaranteeing first-class quality
Sightseeing, the group of doors and Windows vice one reason Mr Tan Guozhi group of litres of overall environment and the effect of doors and Windows, style, and made a detailed introduction, and a line show director GuXiuZhi group of had a deeper step up doors and Windows, and the group of the raising of the doors and Windows in attainments also gave high evaluation.
National hardware plumbing equipment quality inspection, director of the middle GuXiuZhi (left), group rose Windows Tan Guozhi vice-president (right).
2. Uphold the idea, the lead
To create green group
GuXiuZhi director think group l set up by the link guaranteeing first-class quality, first-class reputation "of the planning idea, insisted" customer first "guidelines for grand consumer supply a comprehensive range of high quality clothing, has played a very good guide take the lead in the trade industry benefits, with the development of energy-saving, environmental protection idea to create a green group. Believe that the group of litres of the future will be better and better!
Beijing equipment material testing institute co., LTD. (BMT) is an independent legal personality of the third party quality inspection agencies, licensed three municipal quality surveillance testing station and the six countries and industry testing center, headquarters located at Beijing shijingshan, and in haidian district, tongzhou, daxing, grand palace gate has branch, at the same time in fangshan district DouDian built large test base, the current experimental area of more than 40000 ㎡. Since its establishment, tightly around the "scientific, impartial, accurate and efficient" the quality policy to carry out various part-time, has now become a set of testing, research, consulting, training as one of the general technology without institutions.
Group of litres of Windows and doors brand train number in the "east - shenzhen north of zhengzhou, zhengzhou east - wenzhou south, changchun, Shanghai hongqiao, xiamen north - south of Beijing, nanchang west - south east, xi 'an, nanchang, chengdu north kunming - tianjin west, nanning east - north - zhengzhou east nanjing south, shenzhen, wenzhou south - zhengzhou east, Shanghai hongqiao - changchun, Beijing south - xiamen north east, south - nanchang west of kunming, chengdu, nanchang, tianjin west xian - north, south of nanjing - nanning east" clear across the board in the cover, through north and south, across the things.
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