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Nanan plumbing, kitchen and sanitary industry: releasing new momentum of development

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Note:   Plumbing,kitchen and bathroom,a branch of building materials industry,is also one of the traditional industries in N
  Plumbing,kitchen and bathroom,a branch of building materials industry,is also one of the traditional industries in Nan'an City.
  Since the reform and opening up,Nan'an people have started from scratch and created a huge plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry.Statistics show that at present,there are more than 700 plumbing,kitchen and bathroom enterprises in Nan'an,including 45 enterprises above designated size.Last year,the industry completed an industrial output value of 26.014 billion yuan above designated size.At present,the city has 4 of the 7 Chinese famous brand products in the national plumbing industry,7 Chinese well-known trademarks(recognized by industry and Commerce),11 Madrid international registered trademarks,and 5 enterprises have been awarded the title of"well-known brand in China's sanitary products industry".
  In recent years,in the face of the transformation pains of the industry,Nan'an City has adhered to the interaction between government and enterprises,promoted the reform and innovation of plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry,accelerated the release of new momentum of development,and embarked on a new road of development.
  Technology becomes a new engine
  Silk sliding glaze technology,electrolytic sterilization and water washing technology,turbocharged flushing power technology,magnetic absorption wireless charging technology,hydropower lighting technology,5g sanitary ware,artificial intelligence and sensing technology...When entering the product exhibition hall of Jiumu kitchen and bathroom company,people are dazzled by all kinds of new technologies related to sanitary products.
  This kitchen and bathroom enterprise originated in Nan'an has grown into one of the leading enterprises in the domestic industry.
  "The kitchen and bathroom industry as a whole is in the cycle of overcapacity.If you want to win in the market competition,you must rely on innovation,"Lin Xiaofa,chairman of Jiumu kitchen and bathroom company,told reporters.
  In order to increase technological innovation,Jiumu company has set up an independent innovation R&D platform,distributed 30 research institutes and more than 60 laboratories around the world,established a technological innovation team with more than 2000 people,successively obtained more than 5000 advanced patents,successively established joint innovation centers with Huawei,Siemens and Porsche,and led and participated in the formulation of more than 100 standards in the kitchen and bathroom industry.
  Rising in the 1970s,after 40 years of continuous development,Nan'an has formed a water heating,kitchen and bathroom industry cluster with local characteristics integrating technology R&D,processing and production,assembly and packaging,creating a scene of"Nan'an supply and marketing army running all over the country and the national water heating,kitchen and bathroom industry running all over Nan'an".
  In the field of innovation and R&D,the industry is becoming more and more intelligent,personalized and customized.At present,nearly 30 plumbing,kitchen and bathroom enterprises in Nan'an have opened intelligent bathroom product R&D centers,invested in the construction of intelligent production lines,and obtained more than 320 technical and design patents in the field of intelligent bathroom.Among them,Jiumu's"large-scale five-star customization project"was also selected into the list of intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization and new mode application projects and intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology.
  Innovation is also reflected in marketing.Some Nanan kitchen and bathroom enterprises expand new sales space with the help of new forms such as e-commerce live broadcasting.
  "We have launched a new management mode of all staff marketing."Yan Heqin,chairman of Nan'an Hengtong Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.,told reporters that as a large-scale sanitary ware cluster enterprise,the company has now fully launched a new mode of all staff marketing,formulated incentive management mechanism,sent personnel to go deep into terminal stores,and innovated marketing channels through online live broadcasting,offline visits and so on.
  Interactive assistance between government and enterprises
  China Plumbing City,located in Luncang Town,Nan'an,has more than 3000 varieties and 20000 specifications of products such as hardware plumbing,bathroom ceramics and bathroom cabinets.Here is the largest plumbing,kitchen and bathroom trading market in China.
  "The establishment of this professional trading market,on the one hand,has solved the sales problems of a large number of enterprises;on the other hand,it has launched the overall brand of Nan'an plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry and opened new development space for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises."the relevant person in charge of Nan'an Commerce Bureau said.
  Today,a water heating,kitchen and bathroom industrial cluster with local characteristics integrating technology R&D,processing and production,assembly and packaging has been formed in Nan'an and has been rated as"China's top 100 industrial cluster"by the Chinese Academy of social sciences.
  In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry,in recent years,Nan'an City has successively issued documents such as the notice on 20 measures to promote the steady development of stone ceramics and plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry,and the development plan of Nan'an plumbing,kitchen and bathroom 100 billion industrial cluster,from strengthening capital security,optimizing certification services,encouraging mergers and acquisitions,guiding cooperation and supporting facilities,promoting innovative development Expand market space,support platform construction and other aspects to comprehensively support the transformation and upgrading of plumbing,kitchen and bathroom enterprises.
  It is worth mentioning that since this year,Nan'an has organized the implementation of 22 key industrial innovation projects in the plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry,with a total investment of 3.192 billion yuan and an annual investment of 1.957 billion yuan.All construction has been started.
  At present,e-commerce is gradually becoming the new main sales force.Nan'an City has planned to build a vertical e-commerce park near the entrance of the expressway in Luncang town.Small and micro businesses will be Kwai tin,and will be planning to build live broadcasting and training centers,and introduce Jingdong,Tmall,tiktok,fast track and other live resources.At the same time,Yingdu town is also promoting the small and micro Industrial Park of landing plumbing valves.
  "Give play to the traditional advantages of government enterprise interaction and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry.In the next step,our goal is to create 100 billion industrial clusters."when it comes to the development of plumbing,kitchen and bathroom industry,Lin Rongzhong,Secretary of Nan'an municipal Party committee,said.
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