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Intention to close 8.6 million US dollars! Zhuji water heating building materials enterprise "c

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Note: Recently, at the second 2020 Zhuji (Shaoxing Zhuji City) export online trade fair, Huang Yihai, director of Zhuji Munici
 Recently, at the second 2020 Zhuji (Shaoxing Zhuji City) export online trade fair, Huang Yihai, director of Zhuji Municipal Bureau of Commerce, comprehensively introduced the relevant situation of Zhuji water heating building materials industry to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other plumbing building materials purchasers in the conference room of the Commerce Bureau.
It is understood that the online trade fair started on August 3 and lasted for 10 days and ended on August 14 (excluding weekends). The 43 water heating building materials enterprises in our city have made precise online docking with Russian and other purchasers, and carried out product display, business negotiation and other activities. Up to now, the preliminary statistics show that the intended turnover has reached 8.6 million US dollars.
"This online trade fair is a" cloud "exhibition held under the influence of the new epidemic situation of the global economy, actively responding to the call of the government, placing the stability of foreign trade in a more prominent position, comprehensively assisting foreign trade enterprises in Zhuji to expand the market and guarantee orders, and effectively guarantee the smooth flow of foreign trade industry chain and supply chain." Huang Yihai, Zhuji Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that the export online trade fair was supported by Diankou water heating industry alliance, Russian Kazakh sanitary and HVAC Association and Kazakh chamber of Commerce and industry. It aims to help Zhuji foreign trade enterprises accurately connect with enterprises in Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan, reduce the impact of the epidemic on Zhuji's industrial chain and supply chain, and help Zhuji Water heating building materials enterprises expand the "circle of friends".
"We have prepared various kinds of plastic pipe fittings, brass pipe fittings, medium and high pressure industrial gas valves, copper water separators, stainless steel pipe fittings, intelligent cold and hot metering instruments and other export products according to customer demand." Zhu Jianchuan, manager of Foreign Trade Department of mingshixing new HVAC technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that under the epidemic situation, the government has set up a platform in the cloud, which has brought new opportunities to plumbing and building materials enterprises and can help enterprises to develop new markets. "This is a good opportunity to expand Russia, Belarus and other markets. In these two days, we will connect with purchasers one by one on the Internet to further seek business opportunities."
According to statistics, there are more than 2000 enterprises in our city, such as plumbing and bathroom building materials, with rich product categories. In the past few years, the export volume of pipe fittings, sanitary fittings and plumbing hardware has been steadily increasing. The export enterprises have formed a certain scale and system, and have a very strong international market competitiveness.
"In recent years, many innovative plumbing, bathroom and building materials companies have sprung up in our city. They are committed to improving the quality and technological content of the whole industry, and hope to export high-quality products to all parts of the world." The relevant person in charge of Diankou plumbing industry alliance said that this is a good opportunity to promote, publicize and display Plumbing building materials products, which can effectively connect the supply and demand sides and promote win-win cooperation between the two sides
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