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How to understand the hardware and software facilities of the city?

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 Barrier free construction
Improve people's quality of life
What does a city construction with "barrier free environment" mean - that is to facilitate the life of all people and improve the quality of life of the whole city. The construction of "urban barrier free environment" is the premise and foundation for the disabled, the elderly, women and children, injuries and other relatively vulnerable groups to fully participate in social life. It is an important condition to facilitate their daily life. It also reflects the level of civilization and progress of a society from one side. It is a concentrated embodiment of material and spiritual civilization. It is important for improving people's quality and cultivating the public moral awareness of the whole people, It plays an important role in promoting the construction of a harmonious society. With the continuous growth of the needs of the disabled to integrate into society, the intensification of population aging, and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, the requirements of the whole society for the construction of barrier free environment are becoming increasingly urgent. Caring for vulnerable groups, building a modern and international new barrier free city and building a harmonious social atmosphere of equality, friendship and mutual respect have become an important goal of China's urban construction. At the same time, "urban barrier free environment" not only facilitates the life and travel activities of relatively vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and the disabled, but also has great significance for the improvement of the quality of life of the general population. According to president Zhang, in some countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, various facilities are more perfect due to the early use of barrier free facilities. In the urban streets known as the "capital of the heart" in Japan, there are all kinds of complete barrier free facilities, clear and clear indication systems for roads and commercial facilities, and Braille and voice prompt systems are set at each crossing and elevator; The subway in Fukuoka, Japan, has a well-designed visual guidance system, so that anyone can quickly find the direction they want to go through graphical information; All kinds of barrier free equipment convenient for passengers can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong subway, such as barrier free toilet, elevator and so on.
At present, many barrier free facilities have been put into use in our urban life. For example, the toilets in major commercial places have provided equipment convenient for the disabled, mothers and infants; Railway stations, subways and airports have also set up passages and facilities convenient for wheelchairs; In many communities, barrier free ramps have become a necessary hardware facility. However, on the whole, the barrier free construction of our city has not reached the requirements of international metropolis. In many large public spaces, such as subway, shopping malls, hospitals, libraries, activity centers, there is no complete, integrated and people-oriented barrier free environment construction solution. Since this year, president Zhang has led many doctoral and graduate students to conduct barrier free research and Design Research on some hospitals, parks, communities and other public places in Xicheng District of Beijing. As a barrier free demonstration area in Beijing, Xicheng District has always attached great importance to the construction of barrier free environment. President Zhang said that in this design research, through close cooperation with Xicheng Construction Committee and expert group, three disciplines were used to improve barrier free design in the process of design research: that is, industrial design was used to design public facilities; Design and improve the sign guidance system with visual transmission; Using environmental design to improve the distribution of public space has both innovative consciousness and humanistic care in the whole design process. President Zhang hopes that the barrier free construction project in Xicheng District can drive the barrier free design of the whole Beijing and bring these design experience to more urban project construction.
More generalized barrier free design
In view of the current situation of barrier free construction in Beijing, president Zhang proposed to introduce international advanced barrier free design concepts and combine the internationally mature barrier free construction mode with Beijing's urban construction. It is reported that the new barrier free design concept is not only the barrier free design of hardware facilities in the traditional sense and widely understood by the public, such as high-low difference equipment, blind tracks, ramps, handrails and other common barrier free hardware facilities for people with mobility disabilities and the elderly and young. The broad concept of barrier free design also includes: graphical information indication; Use color, materials, light and shadow and other means, diversified information transmission methods, various convenient services, humanized visual guidance system and other software barrier free design work.
With the increasing improvement of barrier free hardware construction laws and regulations at home and abroad, the barrier free hardware construction in streets and buildings has basically matured; However, in the construction of software, especially for a certain environment, the comprehensive and overall consideration of software barrier free design is not perfect. In the barrier free design in Xicheng District directed by President Zhang, the barrier free research of visual information is particularly emphasized. For example, in the hospital, how to let patients find the required treatment place in the shortest time, and how to more reasonably distribute and convey the information of each department according to the hospital environment and the needs of patients; In the park, how to guide visitors' tour routes through graphics and colors and provide visitors with information about the park; At the station, how to help foreign and foreign passengers through graphical information instructions to reduce their travel difficulties. The barrier free construction of these software is the most important step to further deepen the barrier free urban construction. Especially during the construction of the Olympic Games, our city has developed rapidly. Various excellent hardware facilities, such as new subway lines and various large venues, have been completed one after another, and the software barrier free design in these high-level hardware facilities lags behind. The visual information barrier free design studied by President Zhang this time is to promote the barrier free construction of Beijing from a deeper level.
Aging society and universal design
The United Nations defines a country with more than 7% of the population over the age of 65 as an aging society. China has the largest elderly population in the world. At present, the elderly population over the age of 60 has exceeded 143 million, accounting for more than 10.97% of the total population. By the middle of this century, China's elderly population will exceed 400 million, and the problem of population aging has increasingly become a major social problem. As president Zhang Nairen, who has been paying attention to and engaged in the research on the life forms of the elderly, has been entrusted by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission to conduct a special design research on the daily necessities of the elderly. In the research, it is found that most of the elderly are unwilling to admit that they are old. Starting from this psychology, Professor Zhang proposed to meet the needs of the elderly product market through the method of "general design", that is, the product design points to a specific group. The design of products not only meets the needs of barrier free design, but also can be applied to the public. This design method of seeking common solutions and starting from the convenience of all people has become the general trend of design.
Broad prospects of barrier free design
Beijing is a mega city with a history of more than 3000 years and a history of more than 850 years. The disabled, the elderly and children account for about 30% of the total population. With the aging of urban population structure and the further improvement of the requirements for the equal participation of the disabled and the elderly in social life, the construction of barrier free facilities has been promoted to an important content of urban construction and development. After the successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing has accelerated the pace of building a modern international metropolis, further expanded the scale of urban construction, started the construction of a number of key projects such as Olympic venues and large-scale cultural facilities, and the rapid development of urban infrastructure construction focusing on transportation has brought rare opportunities to promote the construction of barrier free facilities. In order to introduce the most advanced barrier free design concept into urban construction, president Zhang has to get in touch with internationally famous barrier free design experts and bring back a large number of relevant materials every time he visits abroad. President Zhang hopes to introduce these design experiences to domestic enterprises and provide them with design reference and ideas. He hopes that more public places and enterprises will pay attention to the construction of barrier free design and push China's barrier free design to a deeper level.
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