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Industry Latest recruitment Position Latest recruitment
Department Vacancy 2
Area Default area Job Nature 类型
Gender 性别 Marriage 婚姻
Education 学历 Experience None
Age All Salary 6000-8000element/month
Updated 2019-10-10 Valid until Never Expire
 Job responsibilities
1. Mold manufacturing, assembly, debugging and proofing;
2. Establishing the mould schedule;
3. Deal with the problems arising in the production and processing of dies and moulds, review the problems and solutions to them, and ensure the normal processing.
1. Junior high school or above, more than five years experience in automotive die;
2. Familiar with lathe, milling machine, grinding machine and other equipment processing;
3. Mould structure and related processing technology and estimated time, can understand CAD drawings;
4. Work conscientiously and responsibly, able to work under pressure
Interested parties can contact directly: Miss Xia 15827607422
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