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Foreign Trade Salesman

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Industry Latest recruitment Position Latest recruitment
Department Vacancy 2
Area Default area Job Nature 类型
Gender 性别 Marriage 婚姻
Education 学历 Experience None
Age All Salary 6000-8000element/month
Updated 2019-10-10 Valid until Never Expire
 1. Know about hardware and plastic products, and have a certain understanding and interest in product development.
2. Familiar with the operation and application of B2B foreign trade platform (Alibaba), familiar with the process of foreign trade, from inquiry, follow-up, collection, shipment of the entire process.
3. Be able to independently develop customers, develop potential customers through search engine and social platform, and maintain new and old customers.
4. Good command of English, listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially speaking and writing.
5,3800-4500 base salary plus commission, average monthly salary of 6000 or more, annual salary of 10W or more. As long as you work hard, don't cover the top.
6. Year-end bonus and double salary. (The more achievements, the more bonuses)
6. With positive energy and passion, colleagues who are interested in foreign trade industry join our team.
7. At the end of each year, the company receives a commission according to its performance.
8. Transportation is convenient. There are metro lines 3 and 6 and many bus lines arriving.
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